Friday, 7 November 2008

Green Fingered?

Together with other locals, at our community allotment planning meeting, I carefully considered my answer to the chairperson's skills matrix question 'what do you bring to this project?' I listened as people offered their suggestions; key holder, logo designer, treasurer, children's craft co-ordinator. I offered 'motivation and encourager' for my input. Graciously the chairperson welcomed each offer, then asked - 'do we have anyone who can actually dig?'!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,

I am reconnecting with God at the moment, by taking time out to observe the beauty of the season, and am so grateful for my life and my loved ones. When I was too busy, id stopped listening and couldnt sense any god.
I made a decision to spend less money in shops and be more glad of all that is free. I have realized I can then see what God is up to for me.
Charlotte ( Levenshulme Connect)