Friday, 7 November 2008

Green Fingered?

Together with other locals, at our community allotment planning meeting, I carefully considered my answer to the chairperson's skills matrix question 'what do you bring to this project?' I listened as people offered their suggestions; key holder, logo designer, treasurer, children's craft co-ordinator. I offered 'motivation and encourager' for my input. Graciously the chairperson welcomed each offer, then asked - 'do we have anyone who can actually dig?'!!!!!!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Life on demand

Current baby feeding advice is 'feed your baby when they ask for it, ie on demand'.
Without live TV we can watch any of our prerecorded dvd's whenever we like 'on demand'.
You can now buy seasonal fruits and vegetables all year round 'on demand'.
If you want to purchase something - anything - online auctions are available 24/7 'on demand'.
We know we live in a consumers society but the danger is we might end up treating God the same way.