Monday, 2 November 2009


I've been reading a book about increasing one's vocabulary.

We're getting quite accustomed to the notion of recycling.

I'd like to be better at UPcycling - that is to acquire something that is being recycled and adapt it to suit your own needs, through DIY/sewing/ painting/ changing etc

And today I read an article about PREcycling - which means to get beyond the shops and grow your own.

Its what you do before you do anything else, like prayer - I continually recycle prayers but now I'm on a mission to UPcycle the tired ones and PREcycle my own more often.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Plug Ins

I've created a plug in charger for drained parents.

Its called prayer.

Why is it I often think of it as a last resort when really it should the sustaining plug in of my life? Instant connectivity to the creator and sustainer I serve and worship. Let me be plugged in more.

We sang in our worship event today 'Hungry I come to you, I am weak but I know your love does not run dry' thats me, weak and in need of more connectivity.