Tuesday, 14 October 2008


A bizarre new language or cryptic code to be cracked? Neither just the initials of the days of the weeks as they go rolling by, now we've entered a new routine in the land of Spenceshire:
Jacob's response has been to activate the crawling mode on his launchpad as if to find the old routine just round the corner. He's learning movement, speech, cause and effect, signing, active play and how to get the response 'touch no'! Reuben's response has been more subtle; a kind of new found independence mixed with a dollop of insecurity an increase of affirmation soon sorts that out though. He's learning shapes, sets, numbers, alphabet, phonics and crafts, much of which takes place with his imaginary friends Leo & Jane.
Meanwhile Rachel leapt into 'hyper organised mode' for September and was worn out by October! Some of her plans remain in tact whilst others have proved to be one thing too many for the tribe to fit in. The best idea of all time has to be a 4 week rotating plan which tells me what to buy, cook, eat and wash without me having to remember what we've done recently. Brilliant!
We like to analyse and consider the 'what if's' of lifes circumstances, this has brought us into bloggingland, a place where we can ask, consider, mull over and generally assess the goings on of both our lives and the global society in which we are residents.
To find out how Ian is surviving this new routine check out his own blog via spenceshire.net.
I conclude these ramblings for now in the words of Reuben 'oh no mummy what happened?'

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